Needed Documents Guide

Deceased Veteran’s Next of Kin:

  • A. If the veteran is deceased, a Death Certificate or obituary is always required.
  • B. Proof of Relationship is also required.
    • a. The surviving spouse is listed on the death certificate (no extra proof necessary)
      • 1. If the surviving spouse is incapable of signing, his/her Power of Attorney can sign the document but must provide a copy of that power of attorney.
    • b. For the child of the veteran: Birth Certificate (parent’s names are on these)
    • c. For the sibling of the veteran: Your birth certificate as well as the veteran’s.

Legal Guardian

  • A. Court appointed guardianship must be provided

Power of Attorney

  • A. Must provide GENERAL / DURABLE Power of Attorney.
    • a. Financial POA ONLY will not be accepted
    • b. Medical POA ONLY will not be accepted

Living Veteran Requesting Documents for Self

  • A. No extra documentation is necessary.

Who qualifies as next-of-kin?

  • Surviving spouse (not remarried)
  • Parents
  • Children
  • Siblings